Ruben Komangapik and Koomuatuk Curley
Co-curated with Anna Hudson

14 July to 24 July 2015
Gales Gallery | Toronto, ON

Tatigi is an Inuktitut work for team work and is the inspiration behind Ruben Komangapik and Koomuatuk Curley’s collaboration: AhqahizuAhqahizu, a monumental stone and bronze sculpture, is the most ambitious collaborative sculpture ever undertaken by two Inuit artists from Nunavut and is being carved from a 26 tonne block of Stanstead granite.

Tatigi features the maquette for Ahqahizu in addition to individual works by Ruben and Kuzy. This a special opportunity to explore the artists’ unique styles and creative interests and to imagine the product of their team work to be unveiled at the end of Summer 2015.